Graduation 2018!🎉🌹


Today I would like to share with you my unique experience about American high school graduation! I feel so blessed to have an opportunity to walk on the graduation parade in the school gym at the end of the school year. I want to say big THANK YOU for letting me experience a wonderful year filled with so many unforgettable moments of happiness and encouraging me to learn more and more every day. It was a real pleasure and pride to be a Triton High School student and I will never forget the every act of kindness people from the school showed me there. I learned a lot and gained experience I cannot buy for any price. This American life tought me respect to people because everyone deserves respect and even a small kind gesture such as smile and simple “how are you?” means a lot for me and does make a difference in society. I learned respect to money because students from high school start working respectively early during their education usually in their junior year (11th grade) and manage both responsibilities school and work. I admire that and think it is very brave and wise as you start to learn money matters rules. Finally, I learned respect to yourself because people are amazing and getting inspired by people around me and my school, everyone is one of the kind and beautifully created. You should never give up and value your abilities and invest in yourself. American people are very honorable and their positive attitude is seriously contagious. I am thankful to be surrounded by many truly good people and first of all my host parents who became my role models in the life and let me grow in faith❤️



Now, I want to tell you a little bit about my graduation ceremony because it was truly movie- like. My graduation was held at school on Saturday June 2, at 2 pm. We went there earlier with my host parents. I was wearing my cap and gown with a huge pride as I did my best in my senior year to be right there!



While we were entering the gym, graduation music – Pomp and Circumstance was played. I wish the moment last all time long! It was the essence of the school year and you were taken photos by many people from the stands. That was hard to describe. You should have just lived the moment! As we took our seats gracefully, the school principal gave a speech and a school choir prepared a concert especially for all graduates and sang ‘This is me’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’. I love this movie and the soundtrack is basically the best! They performed so well that many people had tears in their eyes. My friend Oni who was sitting next to me was holding my hand so hard and tight that I could hardly move it.


Afterwards, four of the graduates gave speeches about their experiences and encouragement to take up new challenges in your future life and start new journey through the college life. At the end, as the school principal officially announced our completion of high school education, we could switch our tassels on the right side of the cap. Next, we were lining up to receive our diplomas. When my name was announced by my school councelor, my legs started to shake and I headed for the diploma on the stage. I had a huge beam on my face and I heard my boyfriend Rhylan shouting my name from the band stand cheering at me! It was amazing!! ❤️It was really an epic moment for me. I feel so blessed to accomplish so much at this school and I am so happy to cooperate with so many wonderful people. Thank you one more time! When we got to leave the gym lots of people prepared a senior prank and threw confetti up in the air so that the colorful wall appearred in front of everybody! We left the school gym and went outside the building. We had plenty of time to take photos and the place got really crowdy in a few seconds! I met there Mary and Paul and lots of my friends. I am glad that I could meet with my last host family Angela and John and Rachel too! We all had a blast!




When everyone was leaving the school area, I went home with Rhylan, Noah and Logan. Noah gave me a ride with his convertible car! It was my first time I drove in that car. It was super cool despite the fact that I lived like 3 minutes from the school by car. It was such an awesome day! I enjoyed that a lot! In the evening, Diana, Rhylan and I played badminton and had a good time all together. I feel like it was definitely a big highlight of my exchange year. Thank you everyone for contribution to make this day as best as it could be!


Thank you for visiting my blog and I wish you safe vacations full of positive attitude and exciting discoveries! Keep your eyes open and live the life to the full! Enjoy the sunny weather! Stay tuned and take care!



Prom 2018!🎇🎈🎀✨


I feel so excited to tell you about my first in life prom! I would say that from is the most looked forward event in the whole school year by most of the girls. My prom at our school was on April 28. People can spend hundreds of dollars for elegant dresses, sparkling jewelry, high hills and tuxedos and other pieces just for this one night. I felt super special and spent amazing night with my friends. Let me tell you more about it!!

At the very beginning of the day, Mary and I went to a hair salon to do my hair. During the appointment, I decided to do a little updo with some flowery pins as decorations. It looked super nice and comfortable and passed the test as it didn’t damage after the big party. When we got home, Isaiah came to pick me up with his new car with a freshly passed driving license!




First, we met at school for grand march which is basically a walk on the red carpet in the school gym. It is the moment of pride and you can really feel like a star! 😍You just have to live this moment to its fullest and take the most of it! The spotlights in the darkness are directed on your pair and people start walking slowly as many pictures are taken meanwhile. You are walking with your date who is your partner during that time. No one fell down neither tore their dresses so that was great! Usually dates match to each other if it comes to little details such boutonniere or corsage. The color of the dress matches with a tie or bow of the date so that everything looks perfectly. Girls wear long dresses and boys go for tuxedos. Generally speaking, everything is very sparkling and formal. It is an amazing time one of the kind.

With Carissa and Diana!


With Rhylan ❤️


After the grand march, I took lots of photos with my family and friends. I was super happy to see grandchildren of my host parents Erin and Owen. There is nothing more sweet than to be compared to a princess and get the title of the most beautiful from a little girl. My date on the prom was Isaiah. We know each other from the school and he asked me with a huge poster during one of musical practices. It was soo funny!! I will never forget that! He just popped out from the musical set on the stage with a poster and literally bunch of lollipops and asked me! That was very cute.


Alright! After a little throwback I would like to tell you about an official lunch we ate at Somerby Golf Course restaurant. Somerby area is considered one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Rochester area. Indeed, everything was well-maintained and the restaurant we ate in was very exclusive and reminded a wedding reception hall. We could go out on the terrace to admire picturesque landscapes of even green grass on the golf course and big fountains. We were lucky enough because we could take amazing photos with the sunset in the background.

With Sami!


With Audrey!


As the day progressed, we were served lunch/ supper. The dishes were soo delicious! All the guests could have roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and boiled carrots with flavored topping as well as a caesar salad. Additionally, people could get soda either juice as beverages. We were seated next to round tables so that everyone was able to see each other and enjoyed talking. Of course, as it can happen on such formal events, there were some hilarious moments that were the results of the awkwardness of the situations such as my friend having a dill on the front teeth or confused look which part of the big variety of cutlery should I use to eat this salad. It was such a quality time!!😁

Afterwards, when it started getting dark, we went on the floor and DJ started playing music. To be honest, the dancing floor wasn’t so big at all. But it didn’t interrupt to have a good time all together. At the beginning, of course, the floor was empty as everyone was ‘shy’ to enter it. After a few minutes, when the DJ played top chart songs, the dancing floor was full of people! I think that the music was fine. I’m glad that DJ played both new and old songs let’s say classics like Abba, Queen and Michael Jackson. I liked that so much! I still remember this loving feeling when Rhylan asked me to dance the slow dance to Ed Sheeran ‘Perfect’ song. I just loooved it! This is such a beautiful song and I wished the song had never ended. Meanwhile, we danced macarena. I discovered that it is not the only tradition in Europe to dance it.

With Rhylan!


The party ended at about midnight and it seemed as it was the end but in fact there came the time for after-party!! Everyone left the hall and headed to their homes to change clothing. We were supposed to gather in front of the school because we had bus rides provided. We headed for Rochester to Bowlocity which was a place of entertainment. All students were wearing casual clothes and could eat some pizza and chicken stripes. Everyone got a card with credit for arcade games and other attractions. We spent there about 3 hours and at that time my friends and I played mainly bowling. It was very fun! I didn’t even get so tired because everything was very interesting and I felt blessed to spend time with my boyfriend! We enjoyed that!

When I got home at about 3am in the morning, I went to sleep at about 5am because I felt still excited and looked over taken photos. In conclusion, i think it was definitely a memorable night and one of the best in my life! I am very happy to experience the real American prom!! If I were to compare the formal and informal after- party, I would certainly choose the formal part because you could really feel the glamorous atmosphere that is so unusual for every day life. Or maybe it is just me because I love wearing dresses and formal events!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and thank you for visiting my website!! I appreciate that! Now I’m working on the next post which is going to be about my graduation! It all happens so quickly, too quickly! Time just flies. Thank you one more time! Stay tuned and I wish you the successful end of the year, wonderful beginning of vacations and many beautiful moments as well as honest happiness to start new adventures in your life. Brace yourself for the new episode of your life and always set the bar high!





Happy Easter time memories🐣


I can realize that the Easter time was quite a long time ago but my memories are still alive and I thought it would be a good throwback post! At the end I would like to tell you about a neat theater experience and the school musical. Just keep reading!😉

American celebration of the Easter time is relatively similar to the one in Poland. The major differences are the traditions for example, in Poland, families prepare an Easter basket filled with polish sausage, horseradish, colorful painted eggs and sometimes a chocolate bunny to bless it in the church. In America, people don’t know this tradition but my host parents decided to make a surprise for me and waking up in the Easter Sunday I was greeted with a big basket filled to the edges with special polish kielbasa 😄 and many other goods!! My host parents are just lovely!! The other difference is that a day after Easter Sunday so called Easter Monday in Poland is not celebrated in the US. It is quite surprising for me but what both cultures have in common is that it is a wonderful family time, religious celebration and a big blessing for the whole year! During Easter time we went to our parish with my host parents for an early Mass at 6am and afterwards we managed to prepare a fruit bunny made of pineapple, grapes and blueberries.




We had such a blast! The table was set with a big variety of dishes including polish goods! After that, children of my host parents came with their families and we got to play a funny game ‘Sorry’. Wow it is such an annoying board game😄 You pick the cards in the game that tell you how many places you should move and then it can happen that ‘by chance’ you eliminate one other player who has to come back on the start position. It was fun anyway!! Next, we played a spoon game. It is very easy and entertaining. The main goal is to be very fast and grab a spoon from the middle of the table as quickly as possible. In each round, one spoon is taken away so that the number of players is bigger than the spoons. It was an amazing time with Mary and Paul and their family❤️

Just after the Easter time, we had a spring musical and many performances. Wow it was soooo great!😍 I would never think that acting can be so much fun! I actually realized that after the One Act Play tournament. Spring musical was a roaring success and quite a challenge as well.😉 Keep reading so you will know why!

The musical we played was named ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ and it’s a classy American musical that tries to recreate the epoch of Elvis Presley. It has plenty of humorous moments and unforgettable soundtrack that I still listen to before I go to bed😄The main character is Conrad Birdie who finally goes to the army. He is a well-known singer who makes many young girls go just crazy about him. A girl whose name is Kim MacAfee got the ‘unique’ chance to kiss him during his last concert. It is set in late 50′. I got a role of Sad Girl (yes, sounds funny now but in fact it was this challenge 😂) and I had to act as I am sad/angry because I will be too old when Conrad Birdie comes back from the army to marry him. I admit it was so hard to be a sad girl when I was cheered up in the scene by Albert Peterson- a songwriter and manager of Birdie who played my boyfriend Rhylan singing ‘Put on a happy face’ for me❤️ It was awesome and a ‘challenge accepted’ at the same time!! I really tried not to laugh and during our performances I did a pretty good job! I am glad because we got to dance a little together in the scene so that it really looked like a Broadway style musical!

The picture turned out a bit blurry unfortunately but I like it so much!!


The whole cast put an enormous effort into this play and I think it was a big highlight of my exchange that I will remember forever. I’m super happy because I got to buy a CD with the recorded musical and taken photos.

So that’s the story! 😄I hope you enjoyed reading that as I did treasuring my memories at the same time! I wish you the successful end of the year and cheerful celebration just after that! Stay tuned for the following posts the American prom post is in progress it was just AMAZING!! Take good care!!





















Stars factory! 💫Welcome to Hollywood🎥


I am very excited to tell you about my trip to Hollywood! I feel very thankful for the opportunity to visit that place and treasure wonderful moments of feeling just like a movie star! I would like to break some stereotypes as well because Hollywood itself isn’t as pink and bright as some of us can think of. Despite lots of differences between how I imagined this place and how it looks like in real life, I still think that it was definitely highlight of my trip to California! So let’s start our adventure!

The absolutely iconic monument and must seen place is Hollywood sign that is located on the wide hill so that it overlooks the famous district of Los Angeles. In fact, the sign is very impressive but to be honest it is not as huge as you can imagine and it is not of sparkling white color but rather off-white I would say. However, it is for sure worth seeing!



The next stop is Madame Tussauds Wax Figure Museum placed on Hollywood Boulevard. It’s my first time I have visited wax museum and the figures were indeed life-like. Just next to the entrance I got to take photos with Zac Efron (of course Baywatch style) and Brad Pitt who is my favorite American actor. He was just as good-looking as in Meet Joe Black movie!! I wish they were alive!😄 The figures were made of best quality wax and according the 1:1 scale in terms of height and even weight. Wow, it was really unbelievable and sometimes even creepy as you felt observed by so many famous celebrities! I took plenty of photos there and as I left the museum I got to buy several key chains for my family and me and a replica of the Hollywood sign that can be hung on the wall.







Let’s talk about The Walk of Fame! The pavement is just covered with big stone pinkish stars with names on them. The Walk is spread along the Main Street of Hollywood and maybe like 2 kilometers long! There are plenty of starts there and as an interesting fact I got to know that actors, singers and mainly the owners of the starts donate $25,000 each year in order to maintain the Walk of Fame and areas of Hollywood to preserve the cultural heritage of this place. On the other side, Hollywood is considered one of the most dangerous districts of Los Angeles. It’s hard to believe but there are lots of homeless people especially around the Walk of Fame who collect some money in places where there is a bunch of tourists. When walking down the street, you must be very watchful not to have your things stolen because there are many pickpocketers just ‘behind the corner’ and pseudo-producers who try to sell you their CDs and records.



I think that the best point of the Hollywood trip was Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive Avenue. If you have ever watched Pretty Woman (my #2 best romantic movie), you exactly know which avenue I’m talking about! Just walking down the street with consciousness that you pass the most expensive clothing stores in the USA or maybe even in the world make you feel very excited and like touching a little bit of luxury. One of my friends entered Starbucks and took a photo with ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber!! The avenue has more in common with promenade than a street as you can see the most fancy cars such as Ferrari or Jaguar driving by the place. The Avenue is decorated with high green palm trees on each of the sides which make a perfect tropical visual frame of the spot.




And that’s the end of California Adventure! I’m so so glad that I could spend such a quality time. I have been always dreaming about visiting those places and now I can boldly say my dream came true. It has a big impact on me and I feel culturally enriched because it is true that travels widen horizons as well as teach new customs. I would like to say loud thank you to my parents who made it possible for me to participate in this trip! I hope you enjoyed the journey with me and got to know something new about it! Keep up to date with future posts! Soon I will tell you more about Easter time and one of the kind spring musical experience!


Enjoy the beautiful spring weather!!!



California Dreaming🌴🌺🍒


Are you ready to continue our trip through California?? In today’s post I would like to share some memories from Los Angeles! I have always been dreaming to visit this city. For sure everyone has a certain image in their mind about Los Angeles as a ‘factory of stars’ or the city famous for wonderful sunsets and even-green palms. I must admit it’s true!! Let’s start from the beginning!

The first visited place in Los Angeles was Santa Monica Beach! I was so excited about it because it was my first time I’ve seen the ocean! The beach was very wide and covered with golden sand. Although we arrived there in March, there were quite a bunch of people relishing with sunbathing. As an interesting fact, I can tell you that this beach was used as a location of Baywatch TV series (yees, the one with David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson)😄 I exactly remember when I loved watching that when I was younger!! And of course the soundtrack! I feel very nostalgic now! Alright! Let’s move on. Just near the main entrance to the beach there is a big amusement park with an alley of shopping stores and very famous restaurant ‘Bubba Gump Shrimp Co’. It was established to cherish the memory of fictional character of Forest Gump. It is an American movie with important message that shows the gradual development of the USA and implanted advancements into the society. I really recommend this movie. It’s very long but you can learn lots of moral values and treat it like a source of wise quotes that still impress with uniqueness. We had a chance to eat dinner in the restaurant and, as I’m not a big fan of shrimps, I got a delicious burger with fries so called classy American set😄 At the end we were asked some trivia questions about the movie and we had so much fun answering them!!



Next day, we went to the all-day trip to Hollywood Universal Studios where you could just feel like in a movie! I was lucky enough and got to see Marylin Monroe (she was so so similar to the original one!!) walking in her iconic white dress down the main alley! My friends and I didn’t hesitate to ask about taking photo even for a second😄 The visit of the studio let me experience first in my life a real rollercoaster ride! Aw wow!! My heart beat was reaching then probably the highest level of adrenaline. The rides were constructed according to the movie themes and my first ride was ‘The Mummy’ ride. I still think that it was the scariest ride in the whole amusement park (and my first 😄). To make things even better, I was chosen to sit in the first row in the middle. It was completely safe but the special effects with the characters from the movies were so realistic and sudden drops and accelerations just make you feel shaken. It is indeed a good entertainment for people with good nerves but not for everyone and not every day!! My favorite ride was Jurassic Park ride because we were sitting in the little boat and had a cruise among tropical plants and dinosaurs and at the very last moment we went drastically down the water and made a big splash! No one really expected that and it was the best part! We had a blast in the Universal Studios! After all, we came back to the hotel and got some good rest and ‘reloaded the batteries’.



The next day day was full of great time as well. I would say it was made in fairytale convention. We got to visit California Adventure Disneyland! Sounds like another day of entertainment right?😁 It was my first time when I have been to Disneyland. I did feel like one of the beautiful princesses of Disney world! The park was divided into sections where each one was representing different Disney productions. Personally, I loved ‘Cars’ and I think that it offered the best ride I have ever been to. The cars were very fast but the most effective part was artificially built canyon which looked so realistic that I felt like in Nevada somewhere in the desert.😄 Second favorite attraction was ‘Frozen’ performance in the theater. Wow!! It was even better than the movie! My friends and I entered the theater inside the park and saw a huge stage. The actors were singing live and dancing choreographies were so polished that I can certainly say that it was a Broadway style performance! I was very amazed at the moment when I saw an immense size of icy chandelier hanging under the ceiling and snow falling down on my head. It was amazing and the special effects were of the highest quality. To be honest, for me better than any other 5D cinema. All of the decorations and set seemed to be an illusion but in fact it was real! At the end of the visit, we were lucky enough to see a sparkling display of colorful water holograms on Disney fountain in the water park. You could hear your favorite soundtracks from Disney movies along with visual highlights from them. It was fabulous!!💖






To sum up, it was simply an unforgettable time and on the way back to hotel I was recognised with a special card with the title of ‘The person most likely to move in to Disneyland’😄


I hope you enjoyed our trip through my memories! My new post is in progress and I will willingly share with you my impressions of Hollywood! 🎥 Thank you for visiting my blog!! Stay tuned!!


Kasia 💝




‘If you are going to San Francisco…’🎟🌁🎼


Today I would like to share with you about my trip to San Francisco! I went to California at the very beginning of March as it was like my dream come true trip! The trip was a spring break venture where I went on my own with a travel agency BELO USA. It was a quality time for me and a great opportunity to meet a bunch of wonderful people from all around the world!! ‘If you are going to San Francisco, make sure you wear some flowers in your hair…’ I think that the song exactly reflects the attitude of this special city! San Francisco is definitely a very picturesque and iconic city often called as Paris of the West. The City has a long history and is associated with pacific movements such as the Hippie which supported gender equality and anti-war attitudes. This is why when you listen to that song, the lyrics refer to those movements. And it’s true! The first thing that surprised me was the public restrooms without the division of gender. There is one restroom for both ladies and men. But let’s better start with the major attractions that San Francisco is famous for!!



My first impression was like I have never seen a more colorful city! The history made a visible mark on the San Francisco architecture leaving the cheerful almost rainbow colors Victorian style houses along the streets. We had a chance to have a ride on the cable car and see most of those literally adorable apartments.


That’s the view from the cable car! Aw by the way San Francisco is located on a really hilly area!!


Our next stop was Pier 39 that is a big tourist shopping center at the harbor where you can see some sea lions bathing in the sun.


Afterwards we took a short cruise to Alcatraz Island. To be honest it was one of the most exciting attractions while the visit of San Francisco although I thought it would be rather not my style attraction. I was wrong!! It was amazing! Despite the fact that the view from the Island on the Golden Gate Bridge on turquoise waters of Francisco Bay and the City itself is absolutely astonishing, the tour inside the historical prison was just a breathtaking experience. We entered the prison and got the set of head-speakers and a record. We had to follow the directions as the recording progressed. The tour was a true story of the prisoners who shared their experiences and you could hear them speaking. The special effects of the recording allowed you to feel like one of the people working in this institution. There was still one of the prisoners who has never left the place and he gave his autographs on the books that he wrote himself while imprisonment.






After the Alcatraz visit, we headed for Union Square. It is the main market place in SF. There is a bunch of shopping centers and very tall buildings. The streets are in rush 24h and the city center is lively all the time. The next and I think the most recognizable attraction of San Francisco is Golden Gate Bridge. We managed to walk across the prominent iconic red construction. The whole no rush walk at average pace last about an hour and I must say that the landscape of the Bay and city panorama were just incredible!! I took plenty of photos there as it was one of the most unforgettable moments and windy walks in my life 😄

With my friend Ida from Switzerland!!





In the last day, we got to visit Chinatown and eat some typical Chinese cuisine dishes. Entering the town, you could feel from the very beginning the spirit of Asian culture because of paper lanterns and Chinese patterns on many decorative elements of the streets. We ate dinner in one of the restaurants and I still think that using chopsticks is one of the most challenging ‘arts’ and cultures of eating I have ever experienced. Luckily enough, we were given some sets of basic silver as well. Uff-da!!!😂  Nevertheless the food was very tasty and the meals were based mainly on rice and sweet and sour sauce as well as soy sauce. We were served family dinner which means that we were seated around the tables and had to share with everyone the main dishes that we got.


Alright! Looks like the end of our trip to San Francisco! I decided to attach many photos because it is really hard to describe the beauty of this picturesque city using only words! ❤️ I feel like I had a real blast visiting all of the places and feel blessed to see so many attractions! Stay tuned for more stories and trip to California part 2 will be published soon! Next time I will gladly share with my memories from Los Angeles!



One Act Play!!🎭🏅


In today’s post I would like to share with you my first real theater experience! I joined the theater group at the beginning of the year and I must admit that I didn’t have huge expectations because it was my first time but it turned out to be a roaring success!!! Our school takes place in annual One Act Play competition and this year’s play was “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.” The major rule of the One Act Play is that the performance cannot exceed the time of 35 minutes. My main role was a dancing part in a letter scene where I had to spin several times and drop letters on the stage. I appeared also in a cube scene where major character Christopher- a boy with autism- was solving mathematical problems. The effect of the cubes was a 3D image of his mind and the way of thinking while counting.


First level of the competition was HVL Conference that was hosted by our school in Performing Art Center. HVL Conference was divided into two sections, each was held on Saturday. There were at least 9 schools from our district that were competing against. In the First week of subsections our school was awarded one of two starring performances trophies! It was already a great happiness for me but it was just the beginning of the successful theatrical path! After the first competitive performance, judges gave us some helpful clues how to improve our performance.  The following week of subsections turned out to be even better! Our whole crew was very excited but stressed at the same time! Other performances seemed to be very good and the level of the competition was really high. I think that we were really blessed because we met with a great support of our directors and overally had a strong team that worked hard after school for several hours every day and cooperated toward the common purpose. What was the effect??? The winner of the subsections (there were two schools that managed to go further) was….TRITON High School and Cannon Falls High School who won second place!!! We just couldn’t hide our happiness and we entered the stage immediately. We got first medals and felt real pride of representing the school with dignity.


The next level was section that took place in Stewartville on Saturday, February 3. It was especially stressful for us as we had to face new challenge performing in different school on bigger stage. In this level of competition every detail counts. We were trying to figure out where are black spots on the stage which means the area where the lights from reflectors is not as intensive and doesn’t enlighten face of the actor properly. It sounds like a small detail but in fact it was important and contribute to final impression of the play. There were eight schools that were competing in total. Alright! Let’s move to the off-stage area! If you have ever wondered how it looks like, it is nothing but area of quietness and focusing on the lines at least during competition;)  Everyone has to literally tiptoe not to make any noise. What can I say? I think that the most impressive for me is the transformation of people who act. It is really amazing to see my friends who enter the stage from the off-stage and feel bold and daring and just come into the character so naturally that they become completely different people! I am really impressed that even when some people from the play have a bad day or just don’t feel like acting, they always give 100% of themselves and it’s truly hard to recognize their real mood. I think it is exactly what makes the person a really good actor.


Alright!! Just before the performance our directors told us that regardless what the result would be it is already a big honor to be here. They were proud of us and said that the level in which we were then and had put our hearts into so far tastes already like victory. We did it. We performed. Everyone felt like it was a good performance. Our directors were very proud of us nevertheless quite picky comments of judges. The last moments of final jury decision were a really drama😄 We held hands of one another so tightly that the level of stress couldn’t be higher. And…..unfortunately but we didn’t make it to State. Although we were awarded the second place, only the first place qualified to the State level competition. To make things much much better, after our theater director got the results and all the point added, he realized that there was a tabulated error which made a significant change. It turned out that we scored one point more than the team which was previously awarded the first place! What a story!! Eventually, the judges fixed the error and fairly gave us first-place medals. Our cast and the whole crew experienced a real rollercoaster of emotions those days! We felt kinda bad for the opposite team as they were good as well and really happy when they got the medals and they were supposed to give them back. That’s tough but it was a fair solution. There was nothing but pure happiness for us 😄


The last level was State competition as well as the most prestigious and challenging performance of all so far!! We went to the O’Shaughnessy theater in the Twin Cities. The auditorium was full of people and and the theater would fit over 1800 people! The stage was an enormous size and very spacious. Before we arrived there, we had been cheerfully motivated by students from our school who created a tunnel for us and gave us high five!😄 I felt like I’m going to Apollo 11 mission at least!!!! As soon as we have arrived there, we came to watch other performances by bigger schools called AA determined by the size of the school and its budget. It was a really amazing experience and it was difficult to find any imperfections in these performances. The acting, lights, set, music- everything was so perfect! For me they were at least Broadway style plays. The competition gathered 8 schools from all over Minnesota which represented different district areas of the State. After a day session, we went to Olive Garden restaurant to eat dinner. Aww, it was sooo delicious! We ate Italian dishes with a bunch of fresh salads and home-made bread. Afterwards, we went to hotel where we stayed for one night. It was funny because we were ‘lucky’ enough to experience the evacuation drill just after 10pm at the hotel!😅 Everyone had to leave outside wearing only pajamas some of them didn’t even have their shoes on walking on the pavement covered with snow!!! That was a very unusual night before the performance!


At the day day of our play, everyone was stressed but kinda confident as well because we’ve got it so far and it has been already a formidable achievement. We just did our best! Although we didn’t get to be awarded with a special appreciation trophy, we were very very happy to be there and show off in front of a big audience! It was truly a big honor for me to be a part of the cast and crew and contribute to our success! I had a chance to meet plenty of inspiring people tighten bonds with our team and get priceless experience, not mentioning about the improvement of acting abilities. Just amazing!!!❤️


Uff, I hope I didn’t make you bored!😉 I’m just still excited about that although we played it on February! I feel really blessed to get involved in the theater and currently we are working on musical!! The premiere will be at the beginning of April so stay tuned!




Already 18 years old!!!


I still can’t believe that I’m already 18 years old! Let’s start the adulthood adventure;) Although I am officially an adult, it doesn’t mean that I can get rid of the little girl living inside me completely ;D I’ve had birthday on January 10 this year and I want to share with you my memories from that day as it was my first American Birthday experience!

At the very beginning of the day I was surprised by the welcoming gift from my Ukrainian sister Diana which laid just before my room door. She prepared for me some beautiful Ukrainian decorations in shape of angels (now they are hanging on my mirror;) and sweet accent of Ukrainian chocolate. It was such an amazing beginning of the day!


But what was next??? So I went to the school just like every day and headed for my locker. It is really hard to describe my feelings then but my locker was completely covered with colorful hearts with thoughts describing me on each on the backside. It was just priceless! I made an investigation who was this brilliant author of the idea and  it turned out that it was my lovely sister Diana ❤


But it’s not the end!;) I was going to the cafeteria and met Diana she literally turned me from that and that was really suspicious she asked me to go to AFS meeting instead. Alright! When I entered the classroom, there were lots of people who started singing me “Happy Birthday” song! That was amazing!! I couldn’t hide my happiness. There was a birthday cake in the middle and a sweet gift that I got from my friend Rhylan with a special dedication!:)))) wow! What a day! Just made my day! I felt extra special that day and can boldly say that I couldn’t imagine better 18th birthday. After the classes, I went to the play practice. I loved the practices! There are so many positively inspiring people with a big passion for acting that despite the tiredness and effort, I always feel so much better when I meet them.  I feel so much grateful to all of the people who remembered about me that day and shared best wishes with me. That is a real blessing to be surrounded by many good people.



Having returned home, I was greeted by a bunch of red roses from my host dad that laid on my bed and many wonderful presents from my host family. I got tears in my eyes when I entered the living room and heard again the melody of  “Happy Birthday” and sparkling candles on the cake. I don’t know how it will end but I need to definitely cut down on sweets soon!😄 It was nothing but sweet 18!!!! I unpacked the presents and we all ate a piece of cake.


The cherry on the top of the day was unexpected news about my new host family! Unfortunately my last host family had to move to different town so that they couldn’t host Diana and me any longer. I’m very thankful to them for amazing time that we could spend all together for their open hearts and bearing us with Diana 😉 My day just reminded a path of unlimited surprises one by one! I was so happy to find a new host family!! It is a unique birthday present, isn’t it?


I stayed up late with Diana that night. We were talking a lot and enjoyed the rest of that day until midnight and even later;) we got to know in the evening that we will have a late start at school because of snow precipitation the next day (to make things even better it turned out that next day the school is cancelled because of snowy day!;)

That was my crazy and one of the best days in the US I think!! I still feel very emotional and excited when I write about that. I will remember that forever! Thank you everyone for making the day even better for all of the extra special wishes and best memories<3

I hope you enjoyed the trip of my memories that are still alive. Stay tuned for more posts very soon! I would like to share a theater experience with you! Stay warm;)



“Santa Claus is coming to town…” Christmas time & holiday season!


I’m very glad to meet you again! I felt very blessed to spend the Christmas time with my host family this year. Although so far away from my beloved family in Poland, I managed to take a photo with them as well!;D It was special time for me because I could experience a real American Christmas as well as holiday season just after it!

Firstly, the Christmas season usually starts after the Thanksgiving Day so it is the very end of November. This is the time when Christmas songs are payed in the radio and you can see sparkling decorations everywhere. I noticed that the preparation for the Christmas plays very important role and people get really excited about all of these decorations and little Christmas details. I really love the way people decorate gardens and houses inside. The atmosphere is truly wonderful and the house indoor is really cosy! Maybe just because I’m a real fan of a Christmas time;)

At the beginning of December Santa Claus visited our town! It was truly a pleasure to help him to print photos with children;) By the way, I took my first photo with Santa Claus! Believe me or not but I was happy like a child when I took it!


I got to know that Americans don’t celebrate Santa Claus Day on December 6th. In Poland people get presents from Santa Claus on this day. Although here the tradition doesn’t exist, people organize ‘Secret Santa’ at the school throughout the whole December. It works the same and people gradually collect small gifts for one person and put them into a big hanging Christmas stocking in the class. The gifts are usually sweets:)


I took a photo next to a Christmas tree. It inspired me because it was decorated with a chain and small cards with wishes of children. The children who live in an orphanage or have poor life situation write cards to Santa Claus for little gifts. It is really beautiful when people unselfishly just grab one card and buy a dreamy present for an unknown child in fact. So little but so pleasurable!



People start celebration of the Christmas on December 25th. Some of the people who are Christians go to church one day before in the evening to cheerfully celebrate little Jesus Christ’s birth.

Here there is the beautifully decorated Native Scene at my church❤️

IMG_20171224_172203 I would like to show you the beautiful Christmas tree that we decorated this year! I was so happy to see it with sparkling decorations hang on! And many presents underneath as well😉


With my ukrainian sister Diana!❤️


On New Year’s Eve we visited the family of my host family and went to Iowa. I must admit that celebration of New Year’s Eve does not remind the one in Europe. It was not better not worse just different!  😁 we played ‘spoons’ game and I didn’t even expect it could be so much fun! The rule is to pick the spoon as soon as possible from the table if you have 4 the same number cards. We’ve been to mini golf too! Afterwards,  we went bowling and although Diana and I got last places in our game, we had a really good time! Fireworks and dancing are not so popular in here and people would rather play some board games with family and spend time together eating some delicious meals. I would say it’s much more calm but it’s still a very cheerful and neat event!  So that’s how my New Year’s Eve looked like!!


We had a chance to visit very briefly Omaha a wonderful city by the night in Nebraska very close to border with Iowa! The lights on were just fabulous!!


At the New Year we went with Taylor and Andrew to see the stable and horses. Taylor is a wife of Andrew and her biggest passion is horse riding! She showed us her horses, they were so adorable!! I was so impressed by the well-maintained stable it was very clean.



It was a wonderful time!! I’m so happy that we had an opportunity to visit different states and cheerfully enter The New Year 2018!! I will remember it for sure! On the way home we stopped and took some photos next to the capitol in Des Moines the capital of Iowa. It looked impressive! 😍 I couldn’t imagine a better beginning of the year!


Despite the long the trip in the car, I can boldly say it was worth it! The view of Des Moines? Priceless!


Just a quick reminder entering the most wonderful State on the way home! 😉


I hope you enjoyed this trip of my unforgettable memories and first American Christmas as well as holidays! Wish you all an amazing year full of love and warmth! May this year bring you peace of your heart and let you fulfill plans and become a better person every day!!


The title of a timeless classic American  song is definitely given to ‘Don’t stop believing’ by Journey! I literally couldn’t get this song out of my head 😁I hope you will like it as well!

Stay warm!

Kasia ❤️













Food drive!

Hello everyone!

I wanna share with you my experience of voluntary service that I’ve done since I came to the USA. Before coming here, I wasn’t so much involved in the services such as food distribution so it was kinda new experience for me. Taking part in FLEX Program, I am obliged to take 20 hours of volunteering throughout the whole school year.  Currently, I cheerfully celebrate the 50th hour of my voluntary activity and I’m not going to stop!

I was given a bunch of 10 roses! Helping others is beautiful!:D


Regular participation in the food drive did make me more responsible and self- developed person. It is really awesome to help others and the inner feeling of being helpful is just priceless. It’s contagious as well. Every Sunday morning equals to meeting with wonderful people who offer their time and helping hands to collect, transport and distribute food sometimes even without a ‘thank you’ feedback. Completely charitably. It is a big motivation and the positive attitude is seriously contagious.  I became more aware of global issues such as starvation. I got to know that almost 50% of the food produced in the USA is thrown away! Although Americans spend only 6.4% of their income to buy food (which is very little comparing to African countries where the indicator rises up to 50%, in Europe on average 9.9%), there is still so much food wasted. That’s a huge amount considering how many children starve to death in Africa and poorer places of the world.  There are more than 72 billion pounds of food wasted.

Here you can see the donated food:) After the food drive the tables are empty.


There are always plenty of fruit, meat, salads, vegetables, loafs of bread, sweets and flowers!






Thanks to the people of good will, we can contribute to a certain degree to lessen the percentage by food distribution for local people who are in difficult life situations. We got donated food from Trader Joe’s company and it’s really plenty of food! Every Sunday we serve the food to at least 30 families in Rochester area which equals to almost 120 people in total on average. We try to build a community with all the people gathered not talking as a person ‘from the other side of the counter’ but to help with packing food to boxes ourselves. Thinking about all of these people and how much food is saved, I realized that it is possible to combine business with pleasure indeed! The key is to want and to notice the need to help others!

Our team in the mid fall season of the service!


I do hope to continue the helping mission. It is truly amazing to be surrounded by people who desire to help unselfishly. Keep your eyes and heart opened, it is worth it!!!

Take good care and stay tuned!



If you are interested in global issues and want to search for some more information about food in the world just click the links below;)






American High School! (Part 2)


So glad to see you again! Are you ready for the next trip around my school? If you are curious about the American school life, just keep reading! In the today’s post I wanna introduce you some interesting school activities that one can get involved in as well as tell you about my semester schedule. At the end, I’d love to share with you my best memories from the Homecoming week that I personally think was the best time so far! Let’s start!

School activities

The school provides you with multiple after-school activities. I noticed that the school in the USA stresses the physical activity and sports play a great role in students’ school lives. There are various seasonal sports that you can take during the school year!


  1. Cheerleading (definitely my fav so far!)
  2. American football – it differs from European football (Americans call it soccer here), the rules are really challenging and you have to be really fast and strong to push  players back with the ball and score touchdown! This is the cherry on the top of all American sports 😀
  3. Volleyball


A little throwback to cheerleading;)




  1. Dance team- really advanced class that keeps the dancers disciplined and demands stretching all the body, our school team specializes in jazz
  2. Wrestling- sport that encourages mostly boys, high physical condition required!! It’s interesting because it’s not arm wrestling but the players grapple with each other with the whole body!
  3. Basketball (I’m excited to see first games soon!)
  4. Gymnastics


  1. Baseball/ softball- the difference is that baseball is for boys and the size of the ball smaller than in softball which is the light version of baseball for girls
  2. Track & field- athletic disciplines such as run, discus throw and steeplechase

Many students get involved in these sports and stay about 2 hours on average after school to practice certain disciplines. I really admire this attitude and suppose that’s the answer why the USA perform so well in international sports events! 🙂

At the end of the season the best players are awarded during the annual Sports Award Night with certificates, sports yearbook and special prizes.

I got a highlight video with all the games of our players and cheerleaders from my host dad! I’m so happy that I will be able to keep good memories of cheerleading with me for a long time!


What is more, you can participate in other extra- curricular activities such as:

  1. Theater- there are seasonal plays organised
    • The Fall Play
    • The One- Act Play
    • The Musical
  2. Knowledge Bowl- general knowledge about current events, math, history, pop culture let’s face it, it’s very challenging! There are 3 competitions during the school year, challenge accepted!!
  3. Earth Club
  4. Student Council- people who organize some major events at the school for example food drives
  5. Band- people involved in band play various instruments at important school events such as Pep fest- school cheerful celebration!
  6. Choir- people practise singing Christmas songs!
  7. Gym- opportunity to work out a bit;)

Okay! Let’s talk about school subjects and my daily school routine;) In the American High School there are not typically profiled classes. Each student can freely choose subjects which seem to be interesting for him. Some of the courses are labelled as honor classes  or AP classes (Advanced Placement) that means you can get be prepared for further college education. These classes are generally more difficult but worth your extra effort because they are accomplished according to higher educational standards.  One class which lasts the whole school year is equal to 1 credit point (or 0.5 if it is one semester). The required # of credits in the high school in Minnesota amounts to 21.5. The total depends on the State. If you meet all necessary requirements, you are allowed to get Diploma on the graduation ceremony.

In the US high school you don’t have a typical class with the same people all day long but there are different people attending different courses. Before the school year starts, you should go to your school to meet the School Counselor and fill in a special form about your subject preferences. The school lasts two terms and you have two schedules for one year. Every day looks the same, there are 8 classes- 45 minutes each. It sounds like overwhelming daily routine but in fact the whole day goes so quickly and everyday brings completely new experience because teachers don’t let you be bored and come up with plenty of funny didactic games as well as projects!

My academic day:)

  1. Sociology
  2. Spanish II
  3. Pre- Calculus
  4. Anatomy/ Physiology
  5. Prep College English
  6. German II
  7. Study Hall
  8. US History

I do like my school day!

My day starts with sociological analysis of society which lets me widen my general knowledge about American people and reveal secrets of human’s mind;) We talk also about crimes and deviance as well as environmental issues and try to face stereotypes and prejudice. Our classes are accomplished by WWYD (‘What would you do?’) videos and sociological movies such as ‘The Village’ and ‘Hotel Rwanda’.

Spanish course is very relaxing and I noticed that Americans learn Spanish that is practically used in Mexico. For example I was surprised that in conjugation we don’t learn ‘vosotros’ form or letter ‘z’ is voiced whereas in Spanish used in Spain it is soundless.

Pre- Calculus is a quite challenging math course because it covers the material of advanced math including slopes, solving various equations, synthetic divisions and generally speaking graph analysis and finding necessary coordinates. I value this course for the ability of finding quick and effective strategies to solve mathematical problems specially helpful for SAT tests.

Anatomy & Physiology is very interesting because you have a chance to study body structure and its functions in depth and learn new specific vocabulary. For example, currently our topics concentrate on the skeletal system and we had 3 quizzes to label every single bone of both axial and appendicular skeleton! Although it was challenging, I feel now equally satisfied that I’ve faced it successfully! Sometimes we practice in the lab and conduct scientific experiments or do the research that help us to understand more anatomical issues.

Prep College English is an honor course which prepares for studying at the university and focuses on a logical analysis of the sentence (grammar) and improvement of English vocabulary. We were given a book ’30 days of powerful vocabulary’ and every day we took a short quiz with the words used in the book. I must say that most of the words were unknown even for Americans but they were in fact helpful to build your linguistic knowledge! I recommend that book as I really feel that I widened my ‘vocabulary bank’ in maybe 40%. It helped me to find more accurate words for expressing my thoughts. The words were quite sophisticated so learning them by heart wasn’t the easiest task! 😉

German II is obviously the funniest lesson during the whole day! I love it and my German teacher is the most creative teacher I have ever met:) Although most of the material that we cover this semester is a review from my middle school, it is a good opportunity to refresh my memory. We learn German by playing bingo cards, translating simple theater plays, watching German videos with daily-use conversions and many other entertaining games.

During the study hall, we meet with my friends to do our homework together and just to chill out and talk a bit:) Some people even decide to have a short nap on a comfortable sofa in the school library;)

My last lesson is US history and this course is a great chance to study the development of the USA from scratch. I got to know that although history of America is much shorter than the history of Europe, it is as interesting as ours and gives an overview on the legacy of American presidents.

Finally, I would like to tell you about my best time at school that I’ve experienced so far! Our school organizes Homecoming week every year. This is the special time when when people have a good time and the school schedule looks a bit differently. There are lots of funny activities arranged that involve students from the whole school to build school spirit as well as make up relationships. Throughout the week, students vote for the Queen and the King of Homecoming. I would like to show you how my Homecoming week looked like:

  1. MONDAY (September 25th)- Fake Injury Day & Coronation
  2. TUESDAY (September 26th)- Twin Day & picture day and Volleyball Tourney (teachers and students played volleyball together)
  3. WEDNESDAY (September 27th)- Denim on Denim vs. Groutfit Day & water balloons after school
  4. THURSDAY (September 28th)- Old Person Day
  5. FRIDAY (September 29th)- Cobra Pride! Pep Fest and walking parade around the school with a school band handing out candies & Homecoming football game in the evening
  6. SATURDAY (September 30th)- Disco Theme Dance at school!




I think that the dance was definitely the high point of the Homecoming week. It was an amazing time I got a wonderful poster from my Homecoming date and we had really great fun dancing for a couple of hours in the rhythm of top chart songs! I will never forget ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran it was my fav on the party! Aw, I remember that I got experienced my first Cupid Shuffle dance. At the end of the post I placed a link so that you can listen to the music and take up a challenge to learn the dance!:D It was really fun when all of the stood in straight lines one by one and start to take steps to the right and to the left in the rhythm of the snappy music! It is very popular dance in America especially on parties after weddings, birthdays and some other big events!

Thank you for being up to date with my posts! I hope you liked it! And now I’m preparing for Christmas time which is very soon! I’m very excited and looking forward it! I wanna wish you amazing time with your family full of warmth and love during this Christmas. May the New Year 2018 be successful for all of you and filled with happiness and the wonderful atmosphere of mutual understanding be with you through the whole year! Stay warm! Lots of hugs!

Kasia xxx



Cupid Shuffle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h24_zoqu4_Q








American High School! (part 1)

Hi everyone!!!

I think it’s high time I told you some interesting things about high school that I attend in Dodge Center! My school’s name is Triton High School. Triton is the school that is subdivided into elementary, middle and high school which is physically one building but students from different units are separated. The total number of high school students amounts to over 350. My school is considerably small but the atmosphere of the school spirit is just priceless. American High School includes grades from 9th- 12th (4 years of education). I’m currently in my senior year which means that I’m in the 12th grade. The grading scale is from A-F which means that the person who gets A is the ace in a certain subject!;) Let me explain a bit the typical school terms!

9th grade– so called ‘freshmen’ students

10th grade– sophomore

11th grade– junior

12th grade– senior

Welcome to my school! ❤


Certainly, each of us has a view of an American school created by movies and generally speaking media. Let’s confront your perspective with my own experience! I still remember exactly the first day of my school year. I was truly excited about meeting new people and of course stressed about completely new surroundings. I may surprise you but the biggest fear I struggled with was my locker! Each student at the school has his own locker and a unique locker combination. Although it seems easy to remember a few numbers, you have to be really precise to work the system out! The main idea is to rotate the locking cycle with numbers lining on it to the opposite directions every single number. The first days were very stressful but now I can boldly say that I’m a master of opening it (even with my left hand);D There is a tradition that students decorate their lockers with memorable photos, funny quotes and another sparkling gadgets inside.

My locker with a cheerleading label on it! I’m the only cheerleader in my grade!


What’s more, we have a school cafeteria that gathers people during school lunch. It’s completely full and even overcrowded when everyone takes his seats near long tables placed in the middle. The lunch break lasts 30 minutes. All you have to do is to grab a tray and stand in a queue for lunch:) Lunch costs about $3 and the good thing is that the school provides you with a big variety of meals every day! I noticed that American diet at school is quite restricted and covers many vegetables and reduced to minimum fat products. Although the typical meal includes a cheeseburger or chicken stripes, it is composed of vegetables such as carrots (baby carrots are my favorite, they are very tiny!), spinach, mix of salads, fruit for example pieces of orange, banana, apples with caramel (which is very popular here)  and milk in a small container to drink. Sometimes you can get some desert such as a piece of cake or simply a candy. If you are still hungry, you can buy additionally a pack of snacks (I noticed that the most common snacks here are basically salt classic Lay’s or flavored Doritos) or a chocolate bar apart for less than $1 (there is big choice and if it comes to chocolate products the most popular is Reeses- peanut butter flavored cups). Yummy!!!!!

Welcome to the cafeteria!! (I took some photos after school so that it’s completely empty)




Okay! Let’s move to the breaks! Each break lasts 4 minutes with an exception of the lunch break. You may think that it’s very short and you’re right! I found it the biggest disadvantage of that school at the very beginning but in fact our school is a one-floor school so that we don’t have to ‘travel’ on the floors. What is interesting for me is that these are the students who move from one classroom to another and every teacher has his own classroom that he takes care of and specially decorates. I would like to point out very important thing here! The thing is the relationship between a teacher and a student is very individual and you get full respect. The relation resembles more friendship as you can always freely talk with the teacher if you have a problem with understanding some topics and you will get a helping hand and positive feedback. The teachers in the USA are very supportive and easy-going as well as willing to help ambitious students. I really appreciate the idea of an opportunity to retake a test multiple times until you get a satisfactory result unless you abuse it! It makes learning less stressful and helps to avoid frustration. Teacher tend to organize very creative events such as Community Service Day when students are involved in cleaning up the area of the school for example by removing leaves from the ground, cleaning windows, washing floors, reading books in the elementary school and many other services. Currently, our school organizes Food Drive Weeks when you can be a donator of food and share daily use products with people in need. Personally, I find it very honorable and think it greatly contributes to build the school unity and teach mutual cooperation for the highest purpose.

We were in the local newspaper! Success!



Let’s talk about some unusual (at least for me:) school customs! I was really surprised when one of my teachers played a song during our assignment to make the atmosphere more pleasurable to learn. Students are allowed to eat snacks as well as drink during classes. I see very often people who come to school and delight with the yummy breakfast in the first hour of my classes wearing slippers and sometimes even top of pajamas! It is really priceless view! ;D It is also not forbidden to use headphones in the class unless you are supposed to write a test or complete an important assignment. I think that these privileges are very useful for students unless you misbehave and are disrespectful!

Photo with my host sis Diana during International Education Week!!! We prepared presentations about our countries and shared our culture with others! Amazing experience! Amazing people! Amazing time!;)



Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you like it! New blog posts will appear soon! I’m writing part 2 about American High School and if you want to get to know a bit more just regularly check my website. Stay tuned!;)))



Come on Cobras! Go, fight, win!


‘Move from side to side and show that Cobra pride!’ I’m very excited to tell you about my cheerleading experience during my first official performance at the very end of holidays. I still hear some of the cheer songs in my head and the perfect example is just the one above! I attend to Triton High School in Dodge Center whose main characteristic sign is a Cobra so that our football players are called The Cobras. It is very popular for U.S. high schools to attribute one recognisible item which allows to identify the school for example in the regional high school football league. Some of the schools are called The Bears, The Komets, The Cats and many others;) It’s funny but helps to catch the right rhythm in the cheer songs. By the way, I’m sorry for the delay in updating posts but I’ve faced some technical problems recently.

There is a board hanging in the gym with the funny attributes labelled:)


Here are the famous cheers of our school 😀 They are really catchy!




I have always had a hidden dream to be a cheerleader. I think that most of the girls shared my dream especially in the childhood getting inspired by all of the American movies where self- confident cheerleaders strongly support the players with an unusual enthusiasm additionally wearing wonderful uniforms and shaking colourful pompons. I can boldly tell you that cheerleading is a really great fun! I was quite scared at the beginning because I entered a new team with lack of experience in this field. The girls from the cheerleader group turned out to be veery kind and willing to help if I had some doubts. I did feel the team spirit from the very first moment. However, cheerleading is not only jumping up and down but it is a great effort and devotion too. The biggest challenge for me is to memorize all of these cheers which consist of lyrics and matching with them choreographies. Sometimes it is very hard to synchronise the foot work with words keeping in mind the accurate tempo of the cheer. But the good side that compensates all the worries is definitely satisfaction after the winning football game and of course the gorgeous uniforms wearing during performance! I was so enthusiastic when I tried on my cheerleading uniform the first time! The uniform includes a turtle neck top with long sleeves which is worn under the main top with ‘Cobras’ labell on, a skirt, white tennis shoes, white socks and an adorable bow for hair. All of these items should make a perfect match to the colors of the football team and school.


My friend and I just after the football game!


The most outstanding entrance of our players;)


At the beginning of the match we listened to the national anthem! It was an amazing moment that made me feel really proud!


Our cheerleading team doing ‘G-O, G-O cheer’! In my opinion it is the most challenging cheer. It is very confusing as you should perform really quickly.




The whole team of cheerleaders, the coach and the school varsity of football players gathered in front of the school where a famous yellow bus was waiting for us;) The atmosphere in the bus was very cheerful! I felt a great excitement and was a bit stressed. When we arrived to Byron, the town where the school of the opposite team was located, everything has been already prepared. The girls and I stepped on the running track and unpacked our pompons. All the supporters and boys playing in the game carefully listened to the national anthem of the USA that opened officially the American football match. I still remember the moment when I felt perfect unity with the girls holding hands with one another standing in the straight line and listening proudly to the melody of the anthem. It was a subsequent wonderful experience! All right. Kick-off! We grabbed our noisy pompons and started to recreate loud cheers! First touch down! We got a point! Despite me confusing some of the cheers, it was a great fun for me! It was a fantastic feeling when the raucous audience gave us tumultuous applause and repeated the lyrics with us! Although I still completely don’t  understand the challenging rules of the American football, it was a good chance to compare how football can vary in different part of the world 😀 But I promised to myself that I will learn it. The whole game last about 2 hours. Our high- spirited football team won 50:7! That’s a roaring success in the history of the school. At the end of the game we clapped a high five with the brave boys and ate food prepared especially for us! After that, we headed for the school bus and cheerfully returned to the school. It was an unbelievable experience that I always dreamt of. I came back home with a broad smile on my face and a sense of great fulfillment.  Yeah, we did it!


Thank you for visiting! 😀



First class City!

Hello again! 🙂

I’m very happy that you visited my blog! I’d like to share with you my last weekend of holidays in the USA! Unfortunately, holidays don’t last forever… But the positive side is that we have memories that keep our dreamful travels alive! I hope that all of you had wonderful time and accumulated energy to start and fulfill all commitments this school year! I’m sorry for the delay in updating new posts. I’ve faced some technical problems recently.

My last weekend of holidays was an excellent summary of the whole summertime. We’ve been to Rochester which is a city located within 30 km from Dodge Center. This is a truly beautiful and lovely city. I fell in love with flower compositions that decorated the downtown. Despite us being in the very center of the city, we’ve seen unexpectedly clean and well-maintained areas! Rochester is a city that has very innovative buildings and a few skyscrapers. I was really glad having opportunity to visit it because Rochester is considered to be the recognizable Med City in the whole USA! It is famous for Mayo Clinic which is the best medical center in entire North America. That’s very impressive!! By the way, I can tell you that Minnesota is the state where there are plenty of recommended hospitals and clinics as well as it is said to be the healthiest state in the USA. The medical care is highly developed here. People from all over the USA and even world come here to be healed from cancers and another serious diseases. That’s an amazing place and I will always be impressed by people working there because leading a personal treatment process demands knowledge (good educational background), patience, passion and empathy. I find this work really beautiful but hard especially when you have terminal patients and all this effort is kind of mission and unbelievable devotion.


The skyscrapers of Rochester.


Rochester is a place of plenty lovely and beautiful restaurants!








By the way, I have recently got a cool Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt from my host dad who came back from Las Vegas! It’s my first Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt;)



This is Mayo Medical School. This school prepares students for working in the most prestigious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota!




Next, we headed for lunch to the mexican restaurant ‘Fiesta’. We tasted typical dishes from Mexico:) It was a good experience! I realised that Mexican cuisine is quite similar to the Spanish one. The main ingredients of that food were beans and rice. The dish was called Flauutas and served with avocado sauce. It was yummy!

After that, we drove to the golf yard to practice a little playing golf. I was very excited because I’ve never played golf before! We had much fun with that! We practiced hitting the ball on long distances and trained our accuracy and precise on the perfectly plain green field. I got to know that when you are about to hit the ball you have to make an imaginary triangle with your feet as a base and a ball as a top of the triangle. One of the rules says that your arms have to be straight in elbows so that you can hit the ball nicely in a horizontal track. It sounds quite complicated but it is a really relaxing game! 😀 I must confess that it’s not an easy game as I missed the ball many times while hitting. Your concentration skills have to be highly developed!

Huge and picturesque golf yards:)



At the very end of the Saturday, we have organised a bonfire with our neighbours who live next door. It was a very chilly and pleasant evening.

Great time! Wonderful memories. The beautiful city. I’m really happy for that weekend!  Americans celebrate a national holiday on September 4th. It is called Labor Day and people have a day off the work. That day is labelled as a family day when lots of Americans go for a picnic and hang out with friends. As a symbol of national unity with the country people place a plenty of American flags in front of the houses. You can see them literally everywhere! I really like it! I think that it is an honourable tradition that expresses a great respect for the country.


The big American flag looks really impressive!


Oh, I have recently prepared a delicious pancackes for my host family! I must confess that I’m not a professional chief but these ones were the best I have ever made. Diana and I prepared our favourite dishes from our countries. Here is the final product;)



Now, I hope to start successfully the new school year! Wish you all the best and be brave this year! Realise your goals and never give up.  Don’t be afraid to take up new challenges!

Take good care! 😀




Love you, St. Paul!

Hello everyone!

It was one of the most wonderful days in my life!! This exclamation perfectly describes my mood and enthusiasm during the weekend I spent in Saint Paul and Minneapolis two weeks ago. It was a quite tiring day because we went sightseeing the whole day and visited picturesque places as well as did some entertaining things 😉 I’m still so excited when I’m bringing up those truly unforgettable moments right now! Let’s start the adventure from the beginning!

Firstly, we went to Como Park Zoo & Conservatory where you could discover the real wildlife as well as visit the palm house. We had so much fun with all of these egzotic animals! The biggest attraction was feeding the giraffes. I didn’t realise that Giraffes can be such kind and cunning  animals. We were very lucky because the weather was just perfect. The sun was shining so intensively that our skin could get a few sun rays even;) The following point of our trip was the seals’ performance. Bouncing seals in the rhythm of the cheerful music are probably the cutest view ever!







Just after that, we visited a tropical palm house where plenty of  unique plants grew up. I got an impression that I’m in the Amazon jungle at that moment. The humidity was very high and some egzotic butterflies and birds flew just over my head from time to time. It was an amazing feeling! But the worst point was that  it was the source of venomous spiders too! Fortunately enough, they were cought in special reptile houses. Deep relief… as I’m frantically afraid of spiders and snakes! According to the beautiful garden, it was a truly romantic and misterious place. In the middle of the garden you could see an adorable fountain which ideally fulfilled the image of The Secret Garden movie which I personally associate that place with. 😀 I do love a fragrance of blooming flowers so that I was literally in the seventh heaven when I entered it.






I just gazed dreamily at all of the marvels of the nature and found my favourite one. I don’t know why but these flowers strongly resemble the characteristic ones from Lilo & Stitch movie for me. Maybe just because it is so hawaiian 😀 Have a look!


When we finished our visit in Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, we headed for eating lunch. We ate huge American burgers! I think that I don’t have to add that these burgers vary a lot from the European ones. Contrary to popular belief, burgers are quite healthy here! They contain real beef and vegetables as ingredients. Of course the quality of burgers depends on where we eat but in general they are really well-made here! The the most important rule is to remember about the size of the meal;) I can boldly tell I love it!

After that, our following ‘must seen’ place was Shadow Falls Park. It is located near the Mississippi River. The park is a very picturesque place where you can admire the true nature! I was quite surprised at the very first moment because it didn’t make me so impressed, it looked like an ordinary park. Trees, branches, mud… but when we reached our final destination, I realized that it had been worth dirting our trainers;) We discovered the real treasure of the Shadow Fall Park. The heart of the park was a picture- perfect waterfall. You can imagine that the view was absolutely priceless! I still feel the pleasant breeze on my face of pure and cold water falling down the rocks.




Next, we drove to Mall of America. It sounds impressive and it really is!! This huge mall is the biggest shopping center in the whole USA! It is located on the outskirts of St. Paul in Bloomington. What’s more, it has a big storied parking lot with separated stories labelled with a different American state. The mall consists of over 520 stores and an enormous amusement park inside. I was sooo happy to be there because there are plenty of stores that are not actually available in Poland and even Europe such as American Eagle or Anthropologie. To be honest, you can find there everything you need especially if  it comes to clothes and cosmetics;)

Mall of America was built in a modernistic style. It has a performing scene where lots of famous singers have concerts!



The huge theme park in the centre of the mall!




To sum up, it was a perfect family day! We’ve seen a lot of immense landscapes as well as had a chance to relax close to nature admiring different kinds of unique plants and organising a safari trip in the zoo. The high point of this day was definitely feeding giraffes. It sounds funny but they are such lovely animals…<3 We were as exhaused after the entire day as happy and fulfilled with those amazing memories too! I’m sure I’ll keep them safe in my heart forever:)

“…And I think to myself  what a wonderful world!…”

Take care! Thank you for visiting my blog!



The Dreamy Night


I have experienced truly unforgettable moments recent days. I took part in a fundraising event with my host mum and Diana. The honourable action was located in Rochester and organised by members of Assembly of God there. There were almost 400 women invited to this party. The guests included the representatives of their own companies and people who just wanted to come and donate some money. I would like to stress that the total sum of donated money amount to just over $27.000! That’s really impressive! The main aim to organise this party was to collect donations  in order to support an action against drug addictions and cancer among young women. The main physical characteristic of the women were white dresses with a symbolic meaning. They gathered to show solidarity and power of women creating the atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust.


Believe me, it was a wonderful party with beautiful subtle decorations. The tables were covered with long white tablecloth and decorated with flourishing white carnations. There were also golden baloons in shape of letters to make a label ‘Dreamy Night’ just above the main entrance. The ideal set of all organic ornaments accentuated boho style of the party. One of the most recognisable decorations was a gazebo made of intensively green palm leaves placed in front of the entrance. There was a provisional catwalk made along the aisle of seats in the middle of the banquet hall. I completely fell in love with the blown swans that were used to store cold water with ice inside. It was soo cute! 😀 You could also easily notice lots of businesswomen standing around the hall and promoting their companies as well as selling some staff  such as self-made clothes, jewellery, healthy products, wellness cosmetics and providing services like life insurance.


At the end of the gala some of the women  shared with others their unpleasant drug addiction experience and strongly encouraged to fight with this disorder. Afterwards, all the people lit the sparkler outside and were given white carnations. Some of the guests were taking memorable photos with the special walls of labelled donators’ companies in the background.  The official atmosphere of this unforgettable event made the evening even more unique.

I’m very glad that I had a chance to participate in this party. By the way, Diana and I took the opportunity to volunteer and we helped with chopping fruit of Trader’s Joe company. What is more, we met two women from Ukraine then! Diana was very pleased with that unexpected meeting. It was a good proof that the world is not very big indeed;)  We offered help with checking up all the guests while entering the party as well. To be honest, it was not an easy task to do as it supposed to be:)) The list of all women invited was so long and some of the last names were quite challenging to pronounce but we had much fun with that!


To sum up, I think that it was my first such an official event with really honourable purpose that I could have fully participated in and felt a strong bond with all those warm-hearted women. The message of the gala strongly supported my belief that there are still some good people in the world with developed sensitivity and strong faith which allows to overcome even the hardest obstacles in the life and tought me that we should never give up as well as brought me hope for humanity back again. Thank you!



FLEX Program 2017/2018


My name’s Kasia and I’m from Poland. I’m currently 17 years old. I’m very excited to start my blog and I would like to share my American adventure with you this school year! I’m a finalist of FLEX Program 2017/2018.

What is FLEX??

FLEX Program is a scholarship program that offers ambicious students a chance to spend one school year im the USA in order to strengthen American bonds with countries of Eastern Europe and it gives a unique chance to learn customs, traditions, values and experience American lifestyle in a voluntary host family attending American high school! It is founded by U.S Department of State. FLEX Program is the abbreviation of Future Leaders Exchange program which means that you have a mission to fulfill during the stay in the USA. Your personal task is to be a public- spirited representative of your country and teach Americans about your homeland. FLEX program values creative students who want to share their culture with others and willingly volunteer as well as do community service.

We met with Diana at the airport in Frankfurt! It was our first meeting:)


I find this program really honourable and attractive and I do feel happy about being a part of it! If you are interested in my American adventure, follow my stories posted here!:)


The truly American school bus that picked the group of FLEX students up from hotel in Washington D.C. to the airport!


The most beautiful view I have ever seen! The sight from the plane on Chicago!


My lovely host family!

host family